To walk the path aside, or ahead?

I’ve grown accustomed to it, and perhaps, so have you: Side Quests. What are they? Why do they exist? Are they important to the RPG genre, and how much precedence should they hold to the ‘main story’. And what is the alternative?

Mass Effect Andromeda - An Opening

Mass Effect Andromeda is unique, in that it is not constrained by its predecessors - Mass Effect 1, 2, and 3. The Technology, the Worlds, the Aliens that surround us are not forced to abide all that we once knew. That alone can be off-putting, and will surely drive a wedge in the affections of previous fans to this new game. More still, our actions, our choices that we struggled with in the past series are all bypassed and made for nothing by the fact that we leave the Milky Way before Shepard has a chance to even fully prove that Reapers exist.


This is MY Blog, and this is a blog post, these are MY opinions and experiences. You are NOT required to believe as I do. This is NOT meant to sway your opinions. All I ask is you retain the 'to each their own' mindset and enjoy the read. Thanks!

Pre-order, or not to pre-order: that is the question. It's also a very important question if you ask me. You've probably seen, or heard, or watched many other people who discuss this very same subject, but allow me to throw in my own two cents.

What is Replayabiliy?

It doesn’t sound like a word, does it? well that’s because officially, it’s not. Yet now more than ever, its importance can not be overstated. Replayability like every other modern word is born out of popular expression, like ‘google’ it, or ‘bling’. Replayability is not obscure at all in its definition, because you can understand it at face value. How much ability does it have to be replayable. Be that a diverse story with choices and branching endings, gameplay that just doesn’t get old, a modding community, or multiplayer that keeps it alive.

The extra dime of gaming.

DLC. Downloadable Content. A scam of the ages? Or a choice for the masses?

If you're not aware, DLC is that extra bit of content that is (supposed to be) developed after the release of a game. Not to be confused with an expansion pack. What's the difference? The size and complexity. A DLC expands upon one or maybe two aspects of the game. Be it new models, new sound, new skills, or new levels. For an extra $1.99, you can unlock a new level. $9.99, a new character. The prices vary, but in the end they are all very much the same.

The Start of Something New

Today we embark on a journey across the stars. We fill ourselves with pride as we stride the galaxy light-year, by light-year. We engage in interstellar exploration, in search of new homes, and distant lifeforms. We mobilize ourselves in the most epic and grandest of adventures. A new frontier is born, and we will do as our ancestors have done before us: we will explore, claim, and engage in cross-galaxy trade and governing.

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