The Start of Something New

Today we embark on a journey across the stars. We fill ourselves with pride as we stride the galaxy light-year, by light-year. We engage in interstellar exploration, in search of new homes, and distant lifeforms. We mobilize ourselves in the most epic and grandest of adventures. A new frontier is born, and we will do as our ancestors have done before us: we will explore, claim, and engage in cross-galaxy trade and governing.

There are those who feel we are not yet ready; that we invite only trouble home. Those who believe this will lead to a whole new level of war, where nucular missiles fill the blackened sea. This, my friends, this is why we must take precautions now. We must gather and council a new set of laws. We must form new coalitions to enforce these laws, and we must be sure that space remains free and open to all who voyage it. Our forefathers have laid down the foundations for these laws, and we must build upon them with the same level of legal binding as a contract to a free life. So I invite all those who can add to this; step forward. Show yourselves to the world and become history in the making.

These are the words I await. Yet so far apart are we now from then. We must unite together; we must remove the lines we draw across the human race. Why should we waste time looking down upon Race, Religion, or Nationality? When we should be looking up towards the skies. Why do we waste our energies guarding ourselves from each other, when we should be driving that energy into propelling ourselves into a new beginning. Why do we commit to such petty existences, when we can be greatness itself. Why are we so different, when inside, we are so very much the same.

I encourage anyone who hears this: change; change yourself into a better person. It is not so hard to see past our differences, when we look at how much we are the same. Do you not have a heart that beats every second, of every day, for every day of your lifetime? Do we not all desire life? Do we not all desire something better for ourselves? Then be better. Do Better. Only then, when we are better as a whole, can we take ourselves wholly forward. Be that into space, or into paradise on Earth.